SLAMPP 2nd National Symposium - Plant Health 2022


The symposium (virtual) will be hosted at the Postgraduate Institute of Science (PGIS), University of Peradeniya


Plant Health 2022
was successfully held on
25th June 2022


"Towards Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Strategies for Plant Disease Management"

“National Symposium of Plant Health - 2022’’ was held on 25th June 2022 as a virtual event which was hosted at the PGIS, University of Peradeniya. This was the Second of a series of Symposia witch was organized by the Sri Lanka Association for Mycology and Plant Pathology (SLAMPP)”

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About the Symposium

Plant Health 2022 will provide a platform for presenting new findings and discoveries in Mycology and diseases in plant and harvested produce. The deliberations at the Symposium will cover several sub-themes in Plant Pathology and Mycology as listed below.

  • Diversity and Ecology of plant pathogens
  • Microbes for Sustainable Environment
  • Mycology
  • New and Emerging plant pathogens
  • Plant health management
  • Plant Disease Resistance
  • Plant diseases Diagnosis
  • Postharvest Diseases and their Management

The Symposia can play several important roles such as providing a forum for sharing scientific ideas and breakthroughs, networking of researchers and establishing useful contacts. The Symposium Organizing Committee has been working hard to develop a Technical Program that would stimulate research and extension ideas and make your participation a rich and rewarding experience.

Plant Pathology

Plant Pathology has fast evolved globally over the previous decades and played a pivotal role in maintaining plant health and food security. Plant Pathologists all over the world are engaged in protecting the crop and ornamental plants and their products, and forest resources from the challenges by plant pathogens.

In the history, the first plant disease of highly destructive nature in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) was the coffee rust in 1867. The disease ravaged the then flourishing coffee cultivation in the hill country which led to abandoning the coffee cultivation in the highlands and the beginning of tea cultivation in Ceylon. This was the birth of Plant Pathology in the country, opening the first chapter on plant disease investigations.


Mycology on the other hand started as a discipline in Ceylon much earlier, during the latter parts of the 18th century, by British Scientists even before the coffee rust epidemic broke out. Studies continued steadily and over 2100 fungi were identified by 1950 of which 60% were described as new Ceylon species. In the process, 885 plant diseases affecting 340 plants were diagnosed by 1936, mainly due to the effort of mycologists. Today both Plant Pathology and Mycology are practiced in Sri Lanka as a science in a high level of professionalism.


SLAMPP is a professional forum formed with the aim of promoting advancement of knowledge in Mycology and Plant Pathology in Sri Lanka and their dissemination and use in the management of plant health. The Association will also act as the official mouthpiece of country’s Mycologists and Plant Pathologists. SLAMPP is affiliated to the International Society of Plant Pathology (ISPP), Asian Mycological Association (AMA), and the Association of Asian Societies of Plant Pathology (AASPP).

We invite the academic and research community in Plant Pathology, Mycology and related disciplines around the country to submit abstracts for this virtual symposium.

SLAMPP Membership

The Committee also invites those who have not still joined the SLAMPP to use this opportunity to become a member and enjoy the benefits and advantages by being a member. New members are always welcome to the Association.

Call for Abstracts

Abstract Guidelines & Template

× The abstracts submition deadline was 12 April 2022


Registration for the Symposium is Now Open.

× Deadline for the Registration is 15 June 2022

Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee Members

Symposium Chair

Dr. Dimuthu Manamgoda

Symposium Secretary

Dr. Ruwanka Rathnayake

  • Technical Programme Committee

  • Chairperson:
    Dr. Priyanga Wijesinghe
  • Prof. N.K.B. Adikaram
  • Prof. Renuka Attanayake
  • Dr. Sarangi Athukorala
  • Dr. Nimal Dissanayake
  • Dr. Ganga Sinniah
  • Dr. E.C. Jeyaseelan
  • Editorial

  • Chairperson:
    Dr. Dhanushka Udayanga
  • Prof. N.K.B. Adikaram
  • Prof. Chandrika Dissanayake
  • Dr. Chamil Nayanakantha
  • Dr. Chathurika Karunanayake
  • Dr. Rasika Jinadasa
  • Registration

  • Chairperson:
    Prof. W.A.M. Daundasekera
  • Prof. J.W. Damunupola
  • Dr. P.H.K.P. Daulagala
  • Dr. Chandra Mahendranathan
  • Dr. C. Jeyaseelan
  • Prof. Renuka Aththanayake
  • Mrs. Geethani Weerarathne
  • Ms. Himashi Ferdinanderz
  • Mr. Sashika Dilshan
  • Logistic

  • Chairperson:
    Dr. A.D.S.P.N. Athukorala
  • Prof. J.W. Damunupola
  • Prof. W.A.M. Daundasekera
  • Dr. Priyanga Wijesinghe
  • Dr. Dhanushka Udayanga


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